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Dear Friend,

It is impossible to live fulfilled lives without our parents. Family has always been the basis of society. Family unity is what helps people grow both as individuals and as members of society. However, today—in the more individualistic society we live in—it seems that the role of the family is changing.

Reiyukai America, along with diverse community partners, has been co-organizing the Letter to My Parents Contest in different cities—Chicago, State of Hawai‘i, and Los Angeles County.

For Hawai'i and Los Angeles
For the contests held in the State of Hawai‘i and Los Angeles, our goal is to reward the top ten winners with $50 gift certificates. Among the ten, the judges will be selecting three most share-worthy letters to be recognized as award receiving letters in three different categories: Bravery, Reflection, and Proposal. We are planning to offer each of the award recipients a cash prize of $500.

Therefore, every year, we raise a minimum of $2,000. Through this message, we would like to extend an invitation to local companies, organizations and individuals who believe the youth are our future and are willing to support them.

For Chicago
For the contest held in Chicago, our goal is to reward the top ten winners with $50 gift certificates. Among the ten winners, TWO WINNERS will be selected for the Trip to Japan as a part of “Japan Leadership Training Trip 2018” organized by Reiyukai America.

The Runner Up will receive a scholarship of $500. Additional prizes will be announced and provided on the date of the event!

Support us!
Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated. Each of the donors will be acknowledged during the final presentation. Please note that Reiyukai America, one of the co-organizers, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Thus, your contribution will be considered as tax deductible.

Thank you very much.

Toshiro Obara
Secretary and General Manager
Reiyukai America
Proudly Co-organizing Letter to My Parents Contest