The Final Presentation for the Letter to My Parents(TM) Contest in Hawai'i was held on Saturday, November 19, 2016, during the "Ohana Day Celebration" presented by Reiyukai America where nine contestants recited their letters dedicated to their parents. The Contest is organized by the Kalamansi Books and Things, Sariling Gawa Youth Council, Inc., and Reiyukai America.

A total of 187 letters from 21 different schools were submitted. The Organizing Committee invited nine contestants-Masar Abdeljawad, Maizie Distad, Amanda Herolaga, Casey Metrose, Aizea Ranon, Julienne Saladino, Hannah Smasne, Timoteo Sumalinog, and Shyloe Tote- to present their letters to their parents, families, the general audience and the judges at the Hawaii’s Plantation Village in Waipahu, O'ahu.

After the letters were read, the nine participants received a $50 Gift Certificate along a Certificate of Participation, Gift Certificate from Zippy's, a Free Online E-book subscription with a free pizza coupon courtesy of Read 2 Succeed Foundation. Each of the contestants will be also receiving a "1 Year TestPrep Course Subscription" courtesy of BenchPrep.

Based on the guidelines, the group of judges selected three award recipients. For this year's contest the awards were presented to Amanda Herolaga for Bravery, Shyloe Tote for Reflection and Aizea Ranon for Proposal. Each of them received a prize of $500. For this year, there was another award - "Spirit of Aloha" - which was awarded to Casey Metrose. Casey received a $200 Dinner Certificate courtesy of Suntory Restaurant in Waikiki.

The judges were Dwayne Manzanillo, (Teacher, James Campbell High School), Joanne Corpus (Zippy's), and Alvin Ishihara (Reiyukai America).

Noriko Sotta, Member of the Reiyukai America National Committee notes, "We are very pleased to see this year again many families were able to get together. And on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are grateful to all our supporters for their generous support to make this event happening. We would like to thank Hawaii's Plantation Village, Solomon, Deanna and Ashley Espinas, Filipino Association of University Woman (FAUW), Read 2 Succeed Foundation, Suntory Restaurant, Zippy's, BenchPrep, GF Educators, Vicky Ramil, Alvin Ishihara, and Gina Ramirez."

"This year again, this contest brought the youth in Hawai'i and their parents to get connected for a stronger bonding. It turned out to be a full day of pleasant surprises. Many of the parents who were present were not aware why they were there. Once letters were presented, many parents were touched emotionally as well as pleased by learning how their children were thinking about themselves simultaneously willing to improve the relationship they have. We have been supporting this contest for the last three years because we believe this project offers the youth an opportunity to communicate with their families and that is what we care." Stated Evelyn Llena, past president of Filipino Association of University Women, one of the sponsors of the event.